Four months later I was pregnant with twins!

Lana came to the L-C Acupuncture Clinic initially March 25, 2003 having a problem with uterine fibroids and the inability to conceive.  Lana had a history of reproductive system difficulties for 10 years, starting with endometriosis, then infertility and a miscarriage the year previous.  She was experiencing mild pain/discomfort in the pelvic area, heavy periods, cramping, tenderness in this area.
I came to the L-C clinic originally because of fertility problems and the stress related to trying to have a baby.  After a couple months of treatments I started to feel great!  (Actually, really good after only a couple weeks).  Four months later I was pregnant with twins! (Careful what you wish for).  Two years later I’m back again. Yep, stress and (maybe?) wanting to get pregnant again?  Only one this time, Okay?