Introducing Our First Baby of 2016!

Introducing our January 2nd baby!
Here is what her mom, Lyndsay Best, had to say about her experience with the L-C Life-Care Fertility program:
"She is a sweet little baby, and she's healthy which is the most important thing. She is sleeping really good, and she's feeding really good
I still have my paper that you gave me, after I got pregnant, that told me what I couldn't do. I didn't do any of it! I followed the advise right down to a tee!

We wanted her, and we trusted in you (Dr. Li) and Dr. Chen, we knew we were going to get our baby if we did... and it was worth it! Sometimes you can lose faith, and we had to remember that you can't do that when you have a goal in mind. We kept the faith and we kept going with it and its so worth it!
I tell people acupuncture is how we got our baby - if I know of anyone else, I tell them to definitely go this natural route, instead of any other not natural route.
Acupuncture would rejuvenate me. If I didn't have treatment, I would feel like I need it. She is our little acupuncture baby!"

Congratulations Lyndsay and Kirk!!