Mircale Baby Boy

Lila came to our clinic on November 27, 2003 with unexplained infertility.  After a careful consultation she was put on a special treatment program of acupuncture and TCM to prepare her for an IVF procedure.
Lila wrote:  “Born September 26, 1968 started seeking treatment when I was 30 years old.  The first thing I had was a hystereosonigram to see if my tubes were blocked.  My tubes were fine.  Then we proceeded to have a laparoscope’s.  The doctor found a mild case of endometriosis and lasered it during the scope and got it all.
The next cycle we conceived our son who will be 3 on April 11th 2004.
After trying again to conceive for about 6 months we sought a specialist once again.  She said we should perform another laporoscopy because quite often endometriosis does come back.  On April 2nd, 2003 I had another laporoscopy but this time everything looked great.
I continued to try two cycles of super ovulation with no luck.  Now at 35 years with a FSH level of 7.6 we decided to try in vitro fertilization.”
Lila continued: “ I was a low responder to the fertility drugs used in in vitro fertilization because I only started with 9 follicles during the cycle.  Of the 9 follicles only 6 follicles matured.  Fortunately all 6 follicles had egges in them and all 6 eggs were fertilized.  On February 6, 2004 was the egg retrieval date and on the 9th was day 3 implantation.  There was not cramping during or after the implantation.  They implanted 3 eggs.
14 days later my hcg level was at 255.  On day 116 my hcg level was at 597.  We have a pregnancy!”
Before the implantation Lila received 7 acupuncture treatments close together; and after the implantation another 7 acupuncture treatments over a span of 2 ½ weeks.  Lila then received acupuncture once a week for the first 3 months of her pregnancy.  For the remainder of her term she had acupuncture twice a month to stimulate delivery as she has gone past her due date.   Lila delivered an 11lb.5 oz. healthy baby boy naturally on November 3, 2005  Mircale baby boy