The second I entered the clinic my nerves were met with a feeling of calmness

“The second I entered the clinic my nerves were met with a feeling of calmness. The energy of the staff was open, warm and caring. So different from the other doctor’s offices I had visited. I met with Dr. Li and within moments I was assured that this was not something to be worried about, that we could be helped and that the clinic staff would look after my husband and I.
On December 14th 2006, 5:11am Nealah Anne was born weighing 9 pounds 1oz. Healthy, happy and strong. Our daughter is now 15 months old and has never been on medication, is very healthy, and is a relatively calm and well-behaved child. I think my calmness throughout the pregnancy has helped with that. I have recently returned to Dr. Li for treatments. My husband and I have conceived our second child naturally, without any help at all. Although this came as quite a surprise, it is a very welcome one. I have chosen to start acupuncture again to give our second child the same great start our first child had. I look forward to a relaxing, healthy pregnancy and hopefully another healthy, happy child. My thanks to Dr. Li and Dr. Chen for helping me get my body healthy. I feel as though acupuncture has reset my body and has allowed it to start working the way it was always meant to.”

-Heather Boutilier